Classes are Amazing

I hated my Acting I class at the time, but this scene of Angelina Jolie in a class in 2000 is worth a view. Edit: The original video posted to YouTube has been removed. See the Daily Mail for the now exclusive video coverage of Angelina in her acting class. This was post-Hackers. Try not to laugh.  

My Dream Colleague

9/4/15 Edited to update Will Steger Foundation name to Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy I’m a United Nations alumni. Let me explain. In 1989, Trollwood Performing Arts School brought together Chinese, Russian, and American students in a production of The Sound of Music in Fargo, ND. I was in 7th grade. I was amazed. In 1991, Trollwood receives the United Nations Peace Messenger Award for it’s IMAGINE International Cultural Exchange Program. In …

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