On April 18, 2007, a bomb threat was found in a classroom building on the East Bank of the U of MN. Source: MPR.

I Was Framed!

Approximately 2pm, I received a knock at my door. It was the Minneapolis Police; when I opened the door, they pinned me up against the wall. They searched my apartment, and asked me to print out emails I had recently sent. I cooperated fully. It’s what I do.


An Open Letter to Shia LaBeouf

Dear Shia, Thank you for #ALLMYMOVIES. That was brave of you to face your work, your past, your history. I find it amazing you could endure the 57+ hours of intense film study, opening yourself to the public like that. What did you feel? What did you learn? You got the attention of Rolling Stones magazine. I can’t say I know your work well. I probably know you best from Sia’s Elastic Heart video. …

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