Stepped Away

I had to step away. My health does come first, and I had to take care of that. Those who know my core (theatre education at Trollwood) know I don’t give up easily, if never, but I had to this time. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. I communicated my illness and status. I expressed that I was having issues. It escalated quickly, and it wasn’t until my medical team deconstructed the information …

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Once upon a time, as a young middle schooler, I was in a promotional video for Trollwood Performing Arts School. In my video segment, I said, “It’s a place where the sky’s the limit.” Most appropriately, the promo video was entitled, “The Sky’s the Limit.” This summer, I am helping another group of young people soar to new heights. Circus Juventas was invited to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival to perform for two weeks …


Things Change

Plans change. I was originally lined up to work with Intermedia Arts to complete the 180 hours of field experience I need to graduate. Another opportunity presented itself that can better guarantee a definite time schedule between now and mid-August. Circus Juventas is a circus performing arts school in St. Paul. One of their coaches is in my M.Ed. in Youth Development Leadership program. They have a spring show these next two weeks. …

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Intermedia Arts: Episode 1

Picture it. Minneapolis. 2017. The future is nigh. I met with Intermedia Arts to discuss an opportunity for my field experience. It seems very promising. Here’s a run-down of my thoughts so far. This degree is not just “Youth Development,” but “Youth Development Leadership.” I am highly skilled in many technical aspects, and often work independently with direction from program managers. People approach me as an expert. To “stretch,” I need to step …

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Do a 180

In 2002, I was behind the video switcher at a local NBC news affiliate. The Winter Olympics were on, and I had to monitor for live updates over the NBC broadcast feed to switch from national coverage to local commercials. A big red button did it all, but had to be with precision to the second.

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