Superb Media Coverage

This is the big media I’ve seen so far:

WFAA’s Verify tells the story of the viral photo (and who I actually talked with)
CBS Sports: What’s really going on with that Superb Owl train?
CBS Miami: Viral ‘Superb Owl’ Train Photo Provides First Gotcha Moment Of Super Bowl LII
MPR News: Looking for the Superb Owl? It’s right here in Minnesota
USA Today FOR THE WIN: No, errant spacing on Minneapolis airport trains didn’t turn Super Bowl ad into ‘Superb Owl’
TODAY: Is it Super Bowl LII, or ‘Superb Owl LII’?
Philly Inquirer: Fake ‘Superb Owl’ train photo
Airline Geeks: “Superb Owl” Photoshop of MSP Tram Raises Eyebrows, Awareness
Sporting News: ‘Superb Owl’ Minneapolis train not a mistake
/r/Superbowl: it’s not about the Super Bowl, and it got 15.1K upvotes