No Means No

It doesn’t matter if it’s sex. Drinking. Groping. Kissing. Caressing. Dancing. Talking. Staring. Glancing. Holding hands. Acting. Creating. Working. Building. Cooperating.


Once should be enough. Twice should suffice. There shouldn’t be a third time.

At the performing arts school I went to, safety was number one. At any time, in any rehearsal or performance, any actor, dancer, techie, or anyone involved in the production could stop for their own safety if they felt the need to. There is no reason this method cannot and should not extend to daily life. As we see with the #MeToo movement and the current events with the sexual assault hearings regarding the Supreme Court Justice nominee, there’s a terrible epidemic of white men not listening to the word “no”. As as white man, I can’t say I’m perfect,  but I’ve witnessed this and I’ve suffered from the effects of it as well.

Stop. Just stop. When you hear, “No,” it’s usually for a reason, and it’s not your place to question why.